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Processors, Agents, and ISOs that meet our rate regulations can join the Monitored by Merchynt program. Being a member signals to merchants that you are trustworthy and operate with integrity.  Those enrolled in this program can also provide their merchant partners with a significant savings on our statement monitoring services.


This service has one goal. Make the savings analyses that you send to prospective merchant partners more credible. When you send a savings analysis to a merchant we’ll verify it for the merchant so that they’re confident in your claims.  You must be Monitored by Merchynt to qualify for this service.

You Build Trust

Immediately gain trust from merchants by adhering to industry leading pricing.

Get More Leads

We regularly share our Trusted Processor List with merchants.

You Win Business

Win business from non-member processors with honest practices.

Stand Out

Use Merchynt to demonstrate how your services will be better than others'.

You Keep Customers

Make it harder for others to undercut your pricing with deceptive claims.

Boost Credibility

We'll verify your savings analyses with merchants to boost your credibility.


To be considered for our programs you must comply with the following guidelines:

Interchange Plus Pricing

Effective Rates Below 5.363%

Annual Fees below $219

Monthly Fees below $110

PCI fees below $175 per year


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