Monitored by Merchynt

Boosting Trust Between Processors and Merchants

For Processors

The Monitored by Merchynt program is available for any processor, ISO, or agent that complies with our rate guidelines to join.  Being part of this program signals to merchants that you offer competitive rates, and that you operate with integrity.

Once enrolled in this program we’ll regularly review the rates that you’re offering to merchants to ensure that you remain compliant.  Furthermore, you’ll be eligible to join our Certified Savings program, and provide your merchant partners with a large discount to our statement monitoring services.

Nothing suggests that merchants can trust you like helping them monitor your statements!

If you’re interested in learning more about this program please submit the contact form found here.

For Merchants

The Monitored by Merchynt program provides detailed processing statement monitoring services to merchants.  This frees up their time to do what they do best and enjoy.  Our team of auditors will review up to four processing statements per merchant per year to ensure that their fees are as promised.

Extra and hidden fees don’t always make it onto processing statements intentionally.  The processing industry is complex and so often computational mistakes are made.  This service aims to spot these extra fees within the required time-frame to report them to processors and be eligible for a refund.  If you’re not actively reviewing your statements in detail each month then you’re possibly overpaying for processing.

Once a merchant enrolls in this program they will be reminded to submit a statement every 3 months.  Once submitted, an experienced processing auditor will review the statement line by line to ensure that each and every charge is correct, and not too high.  After the audit is completed the merchant will receive an easy to understand written summary of their fees, along with suggested actions if necessary.

Whether your processor is Monitored by Merchynt or not you can benefit from this processing statement monitoring service.  It’s priced low enough that it can save you more than 10x the cost of the extra fees that can be found.

Get Started!

If your processor is monitored by Merchynt then don’t forget to add their discount code during check out to receive 50% off this service.  If you’re not sure if your processor is part of our program then just  ask us!

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