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Our services keep an eye on your processing rates so you don't have to


The credit processing industry is not regulated.  This means your processor can add and hide fees in your monthly statements without you knowing.  This service helps you save money by monitoring your monthly processing statements and checks for changes to your fees so that you don’t have to.  The cost of not catching added or hidden fees can be more than 10x the cost of this service – $300 per year, or $150 if your processor is Monitored by Merchynt.  Be sure to add your processor’s discount code when signing up to receive your reduced rate.  Not sure if your processor is monitored?  Ask us! Learn more.

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Your processor isn’t Monitored by Merchynt and you suspect your rates are too high?  Use our Statement Assessment Service to get  an objective review of your fees.  Once you submit a recent detailed processing statement one of our trained experts will review it line by line to ensure that there are no hidden fees.  Within 3 business days you will receive back a detailed summary of our findings and suggestions.  This service costs $200 per statement submitted and can save you thousands of dollars per year.  If you’re Monitored by Merchynt then you are already receiving a similar service 4 times per year.


If there are less than $200 in extra fees per year on your statement then we’ll refund you immediately.


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