Questions & Answers

Transparency is our policy.


How do I get added to your Trusted Processor List?

Processors who comply with our strict rate guidelines and join our Monitored by Merchynt program can be added to our Trusted Processor List.

Why should I commit to charging merchants less when I don’t need to?

We believe that the hardest issue facing processors and merchants alike is that it’s challenging to build trust in processing.  By joining our program you will instantly overcome this hurdle.

How can I join the Monitored by Merchynt Program?

If you follow our strict rate guidelines then applying to the program is simple.  Just click the contact us button below and a Merchynt representative will reach out to determine your eligibility.


What are your Savings Analysis Certification services?

When you send a savings analysis to a prospective client you can ask us to certify that your claims are accurate to provide them with more confidence.


How do I get my coupon code for the Statement Assessment service?

If your processor is Monitored by Merchynt then you can either ask them for their code, or contact us and we’ll provide it to you.


How does the Statement Assessment work?

When you submit a detailed processing statement we will go through it line by line to ensure that you were not charged hidden fees in the interchange.  This is a challenging task that takes time to complete, but we think it’s worth it.  Once we’re done we’ll write you up a summary of your fees, how your rates compare to others, and suggested actions.

How many statements can I submit?

If you’re part of our Monitored by Merchynt program then you can submit up to 4 statements per year.  All statements beyond that are charged at our standard non-member rate.

How does Merchynt get paid?

Merchynt collects dues from processors as part of their participation in the Monitored by Merchynt program, fees from merchants for Statement Assessments, and referral fees from Merchant Migration.  These three services compliment each other to support our merchant-first mission.

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