About Merchynt

The one true regulator in the processing industry.

Payment processing is a complicated industry and merchants are too busy or uninterested to understand it.  They want to accept credit cards for their services, not pay too much in fees, and forget about it.  Unfortunately, the credit processing industry is unregulated which results in merchants being taken advantage of.

Our Monitored by Merchynt program works by vetting the high integrity processors and routinely reviewing their statements to ensure that they’re treating merchants fairly.  All processors that participate joined voluntarily because they believe in our vision that business owners should not be taken advantage of.

Protect your business and check if your processor is Monitored by Merchynt today.


Our Belief

There are trustworthy credit processors that don’t take advantage of merchants and the complexity of the industry.  The best way to fix the processing industry is to help the good ones win business from the bad, then ensure they stay good.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help business owners discover when they’re working with a processor that is taking advantage of them so that they can get out of that unhealthy relationship.  Our goal is to clean up the processing industry.

Our Company

Merchynt is not affiliated with any processor or ISO, nor do we make money by recommending credit processors to merchants.  We cover costs by collecting dues from processors and reviewing statements for merchants.

Your Win

Whether you’re a processor or a merchant our service will help you grow your business.  Businesses can raise their gross margins, and trustworthy processors can win more business.  A win-win.

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